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To parents

Underage users charging system.

With the innovation and increase in smartphone devices, user age groups have also increased.
Devices can be easily accessible to minors (underage).
Compared to traditional mobile phones, smartphones can be used with intuitive touch operations.
Also, as credit card information is often saved on these devices for payment purposes, if the passcode protection is not set up for payment on these devices, purchases can easily be made on such devices without enough authentication.
please pay attention to the notification saying “High price alert “ for such reasons.

Various functions are available for the safe use of this service.

Application download is free of charge on Google Play and App Store.
In-app purchases can be made for certain items etc, In order to prevent these charges it is recommended to set up a passcode lock or parental control settings, provided by the smartphone OS provider that can restrict those in-app purchases.

We appreciate parents understanding and cooperation.

When a child is using a smartphone, it is important for parents to understand how purchases can be made on applications. On the other hand communication and understanding between parents and child is also important on making rules with application usage, purchases etc, when all the safety measures don't work out for you and your child, a complete restriction or termination of service is also something that can be looked into. At our company, we are working to strengthen our efforts to maintain and improve the safety and security of our services so that vast majority of crowd can benefit and entertain from them. we highly encourage and value parents understanding and their cooperation.