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Growth strategy

In online digital marketWe aim to entice and embrace as many fans as possible.

Digita Corporation mainly started the online business in Japan, but as the world is accessible on fingertips in this internet era, Our business aim is to be recognized with popularity and greater growth in the international market as well.

In that global market, it is also important to attract and benefit the vast majority of crowd for small profit, rather than making a significant profit from the small number of users.

People First

At digitagames rather then only focusing on japanese market, we gathered and analyzed gaming methods and information on games prevalent around the globe. studied user behavior and country trends thoroughly in order to set out our gaming business catering international markets. our efforts will continue working for the online gaming business and continue pluralizing the societies.

Game development for global market


We aim to work not only on game development and releases but also to integrate with our existing printing services. our efforts are to produce multiple game assets on various platforms such as comics, character etc.

We aim to provide variety of services to maximize revenue and secure sustainable growth and stable earnings.

Small number of employees elite development.

At digitagames we operate with a small number of people in order to make a good profit.

Rather than "speed development" by huge number of people we encourage the idea of "brain development" that makes full use of the developer capabilities, and also reduces the development cost.