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Site policy is managed and operated by Digita Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "our company”) please read the following terms and agreement before registering as a user.

1. Introduction

We do not bear any responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, and infringement of rights with respect to the content posted on this site, please be aware that we may change any contents without prior notice.

2. Copyrights

All rights relating to the contents posted on this site are owned by the Company unless otherwise stated. The contents of this site are protected by copyright law, copyright treaty, and other laws.

Digita reserves all rights, including without limitation, all property rights or other proprietary rights, in connection with our games and other services. It is prohibited to copy, modify, reprint, upload, post, transmit, distribute these contents without prior written consent from our Company or when it is required by the law, including licensing, sales, publication, creation of secondary works, etc.

※ Under the Copyright Act, permission of the copyright owner is required for reprint, adaptation, translation, abstract etc, it is illegal to obtain such material without the permission of copyright owner. Acts such as copyright infringement may be subject to legal procedures.

3. Disclaimer

We pay close attention to matters regarding operations and contents of our site, but we do not bear responsibility on any issues.

If a link to a site operated by third party (including but not limited to advertisers, exhibitors, etc.) other than our company is posted on this website, We do not bear any responsibility for damage caused by it’s use including billing, purchase of goods, etc.

We may change or remove contents on this site without notice. Also, no matter what damage the user receives due to the use of this site, we will be exempted from all damages and will not take any responsibility.

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4. About other site links

The contents of other site and links on our website managed and operated under the responsibility of those companies, and it is not under the management or supervision of our company. We are not responsible for any damages caused by the use of contents of linked sites.

We will refuse the links to websites which falls under the following categories.

· Links that can damage the credibility of our company and other companies that are in business relationship with us.

· Links that provide access to illegally posted contents etc,

· Link to content that goes against public order and morals.

· Linking in such a way which makes it unclear if the content belongs to our site.

5. About trademark

The name of our company, it’s products and services provided on this website are registered trademarks of our company. Other company names, products, services etc are trademarks of those companies.

6. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The interpretation and application of this site and the site policy shall conform to Japanese law.

All disputes concerning this site shall be referred to the Gifu District Court.

7. Notice of site policy revision

We may revise the site policy as a whole or in parts without prior notice. The revised site policy shall be in force from the time it was updated on our website.