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Q & A

Questions and Answers

Is the experience in game industry essential ?

Certain jobs require some sort of experience in the game industry, depending on the circumstances, you may get hired, even if you do not have any prior experience but are motivated to acquire necessary skills. In fact at digitagames, there are employees who have joined us from different industries.

I have no prior job experience, what should I do?

Filling up the form is unnecessary if you do not have any prior experience, but if you do have any prior experience e.g part time etc, please do fill in the details such as company name, job title and length of work.

What is the company policy in the event of marriage and childbirth ?

Special paid vacations are granted for certain celebrations by the company e.g when getting married, during childbirth etc. special leave and celebration money is also awarded upon spouse giving birth to a child. In addition, childcare leave can also be used after childbirth.

Our minimum working hours schedule starts from 5 hours a day 9: 00 to 15: 00 includes an hour break by using the childcare short-time work system.

There is also a kindergarten operated by Digita on the premises, Children under 3 years of age can get admission in kindergarten for a monthly charge of 5,000 yen only.

What are the benefits your company offer ?

Certain benefits are practiced at our company including social insurance, employment insurance, salary transfer into savings account, condolence money etc.

There are also other regular subsidies for events and sports / cultural activities (activities are held on weekdays and holidays) for information on events etc, please refer to our website “company introduction”.

What are the company’s working hours and holidays schedule etc?

Apart from annual paid holidays (10 - 20 days in principle), there are other holidays such as summer vacation, winter vacation, Golden Week, Silver Week, etc. In addition, the working hours in principle are 8 hours a day 9: 00 to 18: 00 including (1 hour 20 minutes break).

What are the age groups of employees and period of their services?

Our facility is located in Ena city, Gifu Prefecture, surrounded by mountains and beautiful natural scenery.

Apart from the gaming department there are a wide range of duties and responsibilities in other departments from development to administration level.

What is the age and length of service of those who work ?

In addition to age group and service duration, please refer to our website for “staff information”.

How does recruiting process work at your company?

Annual evaluation system to monitor employees progress is also put in place. there are list of grades and goals given to each department and employee to equally contribute towards company’s growth.

How long does it take from initial application to final offer?

The time frame from first application to final decision could take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks.

Is there any dress code at your company?

There is no dress code defined for work, interviews can also be conducted in casual dressing.

What qualities you look for when hiring?

What do you look in a candidate ?

· Postive approach

· Who can think, act, and produce results

· Someone who can work in a team

· Passion and commitment

· Create and challenge new ideas

Please do not be hesitant to show your interest for working with us. we would like to see positive attitude in all applicants. positive attitude can help company with growth and sustainability, and it also helps to go through hurdles and obstacles while continue climbing the ladder of growth and success.

Is there a trial period?

We have established a trial period of 6 months from the date of employment for mid-career recruitment.

Starting from 1st april, the fresh graduates will be hired as full time employees.

Does company provide the residence facility?

We do not provide accommodation for employees.

Please make arrangements for your accommodation if you are moving in from a distant area.

We may provide housing allowances for the people from distant areas.

Is it possible to switch departments after joining the company?

It may be possible to switch to other departments within our company upon employee’s request.

In addition, we may require employees to switch departments in certain circumstances.

Is there much overtime?

In principle, overtime is not practiced at Digita.

We work closely with all departments to make sure that job is done on time.

Is it possible to visit the company?

Company tour

During interview and company briefing session, you will be shown not only the work relevant departments, but also a tour to our printing facility and kindergarten can be provided.

How can I inquire about recruitment?

Please contact "inquiry" section on our website.

How can i apply to your company?

Please refer to “Recruitment” section on our website for hiring information and procedures.