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Privacy policy

Welcome to digita’s Privacy Policy.In this policy,we explain about how and when we and our group companies collect customer information hereinafter referred as (“digita”, “digitagames” or “us”) it also explains on how third party marketing companies and advertising providers process and share certain information.

This privacy policy applies to all of our games,regardless of the game platform whatever it may be, e.g our website (,Mobile devices,Personal computers,Facebook,etc.This privacy policy also applies to the marketing and advertising activities on all platforms,as well as other services we provide to our customers from time to time.
Under this privacy policy,our games, websites,marketing activities,advertising activities,and other services are referred to as our “target services”.

By downloading and accessing or playing our games or by accessing our website and other affiliated services,you agree to the terms of our services described in this Privacy Policy. Accessing our services will be considered that you have consented that your data may be disclosed or shared for marketing and advertising purposes either by us or our third party parter companies as mentioned in the “Marketing”,“Advertising section of this privacy policy.above mentioned sections also explain on how to withdraw your consent to the use of personal information for targeting purposes.if you do not agree that your personal information get collected or shared by us or our third party parter companies as described in this privacy policy, please do not use our games or any other services that are affiliated with us.

This privacy policy was last updated on July 5, 2019.

1. Information acquired by the Company and its acquisition method

1.1 Information directly obtained from users.

The Company may obtain the following information when a user registers to our service.

(a) Date of birth

(b) Name, user name or nickname

(c) E-mail address

(d) Other information such as the password required to confirm the identity of the user.

(e) User profile (profile image, user name or nickname, gender, link to SNS profile, etc)

(f) Information, that is requisite on our application or website.

(g) Other information, that company deems necessary.

1.2 Device information

When a user uses our service on a mobile device , we may obtain the device name and IP address. In addition, the Company may acquire other information that the user has agreed to provide, such as device name, telephone number, country, user name, mail address, etc.

1.3 Location information

We may have access to user’s location information if the user allows us to by turning location services on.

1.4 Payment Information

Necessary payment information such as user address snd email address is required when user makes purchases of certain items and services directly from us. when payment is made by user to the third party, which processes the user purchase such as (but not limited to, Amazon Services International, Inc, Apple Inc, Google Inc. etc) third parties may forward us user ID and billing information.

1.5 Product shipping information

When a user purchases a product from us, we obtain necessary product and shipping information for shipping purposes such as purchaser name, address, contact number, In the event when purchase was made from the third party, we may obtain the product and shipping information provided by the user.

1.6 User information and customer support.

When there is an inquiry made to customer support team, we will store the contact information provided by the user (usually but not limited to name and email address). Information about user’s activity on the service , user ID number (if any). also the inquiry content and all the communications taken place between user and customer support team.

1.7 Storage of user information.

When using our Company's services, we may acquire and store information provided directly to our company and information provided through third party service providers offering our services. We may also obtain information and communications with other users. Most of the information is obtained and stored using log files, which records all the activities on our applications and websites.

1.8 Communication function

On our certain services, we communicate with other users and share information (including texts, user profiles, messages, images, sounds, videos, applications etc) We may record and keep an archive of information on these communications.

1.9 Acquisition of information using cookies etc.

When accessing our service, we will obtain the following specific technical information. service provider companies use proxy, log files and other tracking methods for applications smooth operation such as cookies, IP address, type of terminal, a mobile terminal identifier, the type of browser, browser language, referring pages and exit pages, platform type , number of clicks, domain name, landing page, the number of time page was viewed and page browse order, the URL of each page, the time spent on a specific page, the status of the application or website, date and time when activities on our application or website were done etc. for the purpose of internal use, this information may be associated with the user’s ID. In addition, we have web beacon for checking numbers of browsing of a specific page or whether the mail was accessed or to exclude an existing user from a specific promotion message, we may also use other methods, such as tracking pixels etc, for marketing purposes.

1.10 Information acquired through other channels.

We may post or retrieve certain information on various platforms depending on the user privacy settings and agreement terms.

2. Use of personal information

We will disclose the user information for the following purposes.

(a) To provide our products and services.

(b) For billing and accounting purposes.

(c) For identity verification, service authentication.

(d) For questionnaire purpose

(e) For campaign purposes.

(f) For the purpose to grant points and benefits to users.

(g) For the analysis of marketing research and statistics.

(h) For system maintenance and troubleshooting.

(i) To send important notices such as notification concerning purchases and change of our company's terms, conditions and policy

(j) For distribution of advertisement and promotions.

(k) For the purpose of technical support and response to user inquiries.

(l) To help develop, provide, maintain and improve our applications, websites, services, contents and advertisements.

(m) For the development and provision of advertisements for certain products or services of our company or third parties.

(n) To prevent unlawful acts or actions that may be illegal and enforce the terms of use.

(o) Others as specified in company’s policy for certain services.

3. Information sharing with third parties

We may share user information with third parties in the following cases.

(a) In the case when obtaining a consent from the user.

When we obtain the consent of the user, we may provide information of the user (which may be personal information) to a third party, organization, etc.

(b) To share with third party service providers.

We Provide user information to third parties who provide services for payment processing, data analysis, mail transmission, hosting service, customer service, marketing etc. we made clear to all third party service providers to keep the user information confidential and not to disclose it for the purposes other then providing services on our behalf.

(c) Information sharing for co-operation with other services

Upon user agreement we may provide user information to other companies, e.g facebook, google account etc.

(d) To share with third-party advertisers

We will use and may share with third parties (i) specific technical information (including IP address, mobile terminal identifier), (ii) statistical information that can not identify individuals, (iii) information on using services that also can not identify individuals. user agrees and allows us to use such information for our company and third party advertising purposes, trend analysis, demographic and web analysis.

(e) Legal reasons

It may be necessary for us to disclose user's personal information due to laws, regulations, legal proceedings or requests from public or government agencies.

We may disclose user information, if we deem it to be appropriate and necessary for national security, law enforcement or other public interest.

We may disclose user information if we believe it to be necessary and is in violation with our terms of service, management or operations of our company or protection and security of other users.

(f) Upon sale or merging with other companies.

Upon sale or merging with another organization, we may transfer all or part of the user personal information to the stakeholders.

4. Protection of personal information

We take necessary administrative, technical and physical measures to prevent loss, theft, abuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, tampering and destruction of user's personal information.

For the purpose of protection and safety of user's personal information, we provide privacy and safety guidelines to employees and thoroughly implement those measures to protect privacy within our company.

5. Access to personal information

We will allow the access to users for inaccurate data corrections or deletion of certain data, unless we are required to keep such data for legitimate business or legal purposes.

We will allow users to update or delete immediately if the information is incorrect. However, unless it is necessary to hold such information for legitimate business or legal purposes.

In order to respond to user requests, we may ask for your identity verification.

We may not entertain certain requests from users including repeated requests that had been answered in the past, requests that require excessive technical effort or are likely to harm the privacy of others.

6. Children privacy protection

As our company policy, we do not obtain personal information from children under the age of 13. we will never intentionally obtain personal identifiable information from such children. If for any reason we have obtained information that allows us to identify individuals under the age of 13 without their parents consent, we will take appropriate measures to remove that information from our records as soon as possible.

7. Disposal of obtained information

We will discard the obtained personal information when it is considered unnecessary in light of our regular business management.

8. Inquiries regarding privacy

For questions or inquiries regarding our privacy policy, please contact us at ( However, it becomes more convenient for us to respond, when an inquiry is specified in regards to certain application or website.

9. Change of privacy policy

We may update our privacy policy from time to time. Significant changes to the privacy policy will be posted on our website along with the updated privacy policy.