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Mid-career recruitment

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Game Programmer

Smart phone games are created by the game programmers.

Based on the latest trends and evolving smart devices and game content, we are aware of "speed" and "quality" of services around the globe, and are engaged in business with having that perspective set in mind. technology innovation and the ability to flexibly form ideas, the sense of always forming a new experience is important regardless of existing ideas.

Server Engineer

Job requires dealing with the background game development and online support.

Real "fun" in the game comes from the degree of completeness, with high-quality foundation where comfort and speed are indispensable, we are engaged in business with high technology and solid business execution plan. Also, since it is important not only to pay attention to the server side but to understand wide range of areas, such as game programming and infrastructure, which makes it possible to learn new skills and move forward in technological advancements.


We produce characters, backgrounds, animations, effects etc using 2D/3DCG tool in games, and we also widely deal with UI / UX design.

Line of work that creates a world view and impression that fascinates users, not only it involves the visual design but also concept art, etc, and pursues the design of the entire game.

Motion Designer

My line of work mainly deals with working on a 3D character and its motion.

The idea behind the characters action and movement fascinates and draws a wider range of users.


Requisite skills for the job are from the design of game sound to the creation of sound effects, recording and editing, In order to enhance the pleasure of the game and immense feelings, proper game understanding and innovative ideas as well as knowledge in music is required.

Game Planner

Game planner does the planning of the entire game, level design, project direction/management and game scenario.

In addition to the ideas, in order to create games that entice huge crowd on the long run, a desire and knowledge to add variety of genres into the games from time to time and a great deal of business understanding is requisite.