Glowing CatTerms of service

Established October 1, 2018

Article 1 Introduction

A game application called "glowing cat" is operated by Digita Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "our company”) includes all the necessary information and applications as part of this service.

When using this service, users agree to the terms and contents of this agreement.

we can make changes to the agreement at any time for any reason at our own discretion unless otherwise specified by us.

In the event of conflict between the terms of this Agreement and the other contracts stipulated by us, this Agreement shall prevail.

Article 2 Use of this service ( license )

We will provide you with a non transferable license to use this service in accordance with the terms of this agreement.

This agreement does not grant the right to use the upgraded service etc, to be developed in the future.

We may change the function or specification of this service without notifying the user.

Article 3 Information on using this service

This service can be used by our company's specified method.

The user shall use this service at his / her own responsibility, and will bear responsibility for all actions made on using this service and its consequences.

If the user is a minor (under the age of 20), the parent or guardian agrees to use this service with consent.

This service may connect to the internet automatically and charge internet usage fee without any prior notice.

Program data required for display and operation of this service and related document files etc. may be changed / updated automatically without notice.

If you are unable to connect to the network for any possible reason, you may be unable to use this service temporarily.

Data charges may apply by your internet service provider to download this app.

If the user deletes the application, all the information and data may also be deleted. However, there are cases where it is possible to restore user’s information and data from user’s backup. In addition, it is recommended to backup your data and information which may help to restore your lost data . We do not bear responsibility for any data loss occurred due to any circumstances.

We have a right to display our company or third party advertisement on this service.

We may notify user of new services, advertisement distribution and other information. However, we will not provide information unless user agrees to or it is necessary for application related services.

Article 4 Usage restriction, cancellation and termination.

Depending on certain circumstances, we may restrict, cancel or discontinue a part of or as a whole service. We will not be responsible for any damages caused to users due to restrictions, cancellation or termination of this service, except for intentional negligence.

In the event when Company determines that the user violates the service terms, we have a right to restrict, suspend or discontinue the use of this Service.

3 We deserve the right to delete the accounts that have been inactive for more than a year without prior notice to the customers . Customer usage rights are extinguished when the account is deleted regardless of the reason.

4 All the In app purchases, and any other paid content relating to this service may be lost without prior notice to the customer due to the following reasons.

(1) Uninstallation of this service by customer.

(2) Modification or switching of customer device.

(3) Any unforeseen circumstances or glitch that can’t be resolved.

Article 5 User Rights

For any information posted to this service by user (hereinafter referred to as "posting information”

The copyright and other property rights of the information displayed in this service belong to us or third parties.

The user agrees to grant us permission to display reviews on advertisements for multiple purposes.

Article 6 Item purchase, etc

In this service, users can purchase items for a fee. In addition, we may grant items without purchase at our own discretion.

Items can be purchased under the following conditions.

Only users are allowed to purchase items..

Items can be purchased at the prices set by us. In addition, there are cases where limits are set for the number of purchases per month.

If the user purchasing the item is a minor (under the age of 20), the parent consent is required.

All the purchases made will be lost when this service is deleted, and items can not be restored. However, if the user had done the backup according to Article 3, it may be possible to restore the purchases but we do not guarantee.

Information on making purchases and methods please refer to our page where all the necessary information is provided.

We do not issue receipts on any item purchases.

Items can be used under the following conditions.

(1) Items can be used by our prescribed method.

(2) The number of coins required to purchase the item shall be determined separately.

(3) All the fees are non refundable, except as provided by law.

(4) We can not cash the item or exchange it for goods or services, except when we allow to do so.

4. In the event when payment was not made by due date, user will pay the Company a delayed interest amount calculated at the rate of 14.6% per annum for the number of days from the day following the payment date to the day before the payment date. The transfer fee and other expenses necessary for that payment shall be borne by the user.

5. If the payment was not made by due date and has been delayed, we reserve the right to restrict the user access without notifying the user.

Article 7 usage fee etc.

1 in general, the service is free to use.

2 We will notify the user in advance and obtain consent in case any charges incur for the use of this service.

Article 8 Claims

We can transfer the claim to the third party and the user agrees that the user's personal information etc. will be provided to the third party for that purpose.

Article 9 Handling of personal information

We will handle personal information appropriately according to the "Privacy Policy".

Article 10 Prohibited matter

The user shall not perform the following acts while using this service.

1 Any act that may violate this Agreement.

2 Acts of infringing our or third parties rights such as copyrights, trademark rights, etc.

3 The act of infringing the property, privacy or portrait right of our company or a third party.

4 Acts that unjustly discriminate against or slander our company or third party, promote unfair discrimination against third parties, or damage their honor or credibility.

5 Acts that infringe or could possibly infringe the rights of our company, other users and third parties.

6 An act of misrepresenting a person, pretending to be a certain thing despite the lack of representation or authority.

7 Acts that may result in or linked to crimes such as fraud, use of drugs, child prostitution, and illegal trading of smart phones.

8 An act of posting or displaying advertisements contain obscene, child pornography, child abuse, trading with media that contains such information or advertisement.

9 Using for the purpose of sexual and obscene acts.

10 Using solely for the purpose of sexual encounters.

11 Act of illegal gambling or that encourages illegal gambling.

12 Contracting, mediating, or attracting illegal acts such as illegal possession of a handgun, explosive production, child pornography, documents forgery, murder, intimidation etc.

13 Soliciting people to suicide, or introducing other means of suicide likely to cause harm to others.

14 Post images of dead bodies or other atrocious acts, to make other users feel disgusted or uncomfortable.

15 Pyramid scheme system where each paying participant recruits participants, and returns being given to early participants using money invested by the later ones.

16 Sites that aim to spread harmful computer programs such as viruses, adult sites, one-click fraudulent sites, etc. posting or displaying information that links to sites that we deem inappropriate.

17 Copying, reprinting, redistributing etc without permission or prior written consent from us.

18 The act of buying and selling items, contents from this service with real currency to others.

19 Usage for the profit purposes.

20 Providing false information or use for fraudulent purposes.

21 Illegally rewriting or deleting information from our database.

22 Acts of sending or posting harmful computer programs such as viruses.

23 Deliberately overloading or harming our company or the third party's server, or the act of obstructing the operation of this service or the network system, or any act that is considered harmful and hinder with server performance.

24 Actions that modify, change, reverse engineer, or dismantle the system.

25 If the user is a minor (under 20), the act of using this service without consent of parents.

26 Any Act that encourages or promotes above mentioned prohibited acts.

27 Acts that breach and violate the public order law and morality.

28 Other acts that our company deems inappropriate, such as an act of inconvenience and hindrance to other users.

Article 11 Liability and Limitations.

In the event due to the negligence of our company, if user losses the in game item purchases, we will indemnify the item purchases loss. but when the loss occurred solely due the negligence of user, company bear no responsibility whatsoever.

Article 12 Disclaimer

1 We do not guarantee any operation of this service, or conformity with the standards, we also do not guarantee any precision and reliability and there’s no warranty provided for any of it’s contents.

2 Our company will not bear any responsibility for the damages occurred to the user for using our contents.

3 We will not bear any responsibility, except for intentional negligence, regarding any damages caused to the user due to suspension or termination of this service.

4 We are not responsible for any technical and other damages caused regarding, speed, display, obstacles, etc.

5 We are not bound to monitor or save posted information.

6 In the following cases, we have the right to view and disclose user information to the third party. we bear no responsibility for any damages caused to users for disclosing any information.

(1) In cases where it is necessary to clarify the causes of technical defects of this service and to resolve them.

(2) When a court has demanded to disclose the user information based on laws and regulations. or a public prosecutor or any other investigation agencies.

(3) In the event when the actions are in violation to this agreement or when it is deemed necessary to confirm the posted information.

(4) In the event when there is an imminent danger to human life, assets etc.

(5) When it is necessary for the operation of this service..

7 If there is a reason to believe that certain act is in violation to this agreement, we will notify the user of breach of agreement. we may take actions such as delete the posted information and to restrict user from using our services, we do not bear any responsibility for any damages caused by it.

8. Under no circumstances shall we bear any responsibility for any of the following damages concerning this Service.

(1) Damage caused by any unavoidable or any unforeseen reasons.

(2) Damage caused by special circumstances regardless of our prediction.

(3) Damage caused by acts necessary in providing this service, such as server maintenance etc.

Article 13 Law and Jurisdiction.

1 The law governing these Terms shall be Japanese law.

2 In the event of any doubt or dispute if the user and our company cannot find the solution to the problem the matter will be forwarded to Gifu District Court for proceedings.

Article 14 Others

1 Even if part of this agreement is deemed invalid based on laws and regulations, other provision and sections are valid.

2 Even if part of this agreement is invalidated or canceled in relation to a user, this agreement will be valid in relation to other users.

Effective: This agreement shall come into force as of October 1, 2018.