Challenge to
“The world that connects and laughs together".








Connect the route with the falling down cookies

A unique puzzle game of its own kind

Connect the falling down cookies from the duct

Take up the challenge to complete various missions

Game/Puzzle game
Free to play(with some in-app purchases)
Operating system OS: iOS 8.2 or later(iPhone5 or later)、Android 5.0 or later
Some models may not work even if the above requirements are met

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Connect the panels with cookies!!

Swipe around the falling down cookies to connect the route from start to end

Complete the mission

Mission varies for individual stages
Don't forget to complete the mission while connecting the route
Clear all the missions to proceed to the next stage!!

Watch out for the hurdles in the stages

The hurdles vary from stage to stage

Play around with the direction of the falling cookie until its put away properly

Try to overcome hurdles wisely, and make use of unnecessary cookies

Earn stars throughout the stages

Earn stars throughout the stages
Try going through the stars while connecting the route

Try baking various cookies using the collected ingredients

Once you have the ingredients, you can bake the cookies
The type of cookies that can be baked depends on the ingredients
The baked cookies are sold and this way you also participate in the sales ranking